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Smooth, clean skin. That is what you want in the warm season. When wearing dresses, short sleeves, short pants, swimsuits, bikinis, the hair on legs, bikini area or in the armpits can be really undesirable. It can be convenient to remove the hair by just using a razor, but – if you have to do it every day, the skin is constantly irritated and grows back after just a day or two. The solution to that is – Waxing!

Waxing can be done both at home and in the salon, and the excellent result can be enjoyed for 4, and sometimes even up to 6 weeks! The procedure itself is quite quick and any type of hair is removed.

Waxing has many advantages over other hair removal methods:

  • The procedure is FAST!
  • Suitable for almost* all skin types.
  • Hair does not grow back for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • The hair grows back lighter, thinner and weaker after each procedure. Over time, there are fewer and fewer hair growing back!
  • The skin after depilation is soft and smooth.
  • Bikini depilation is also done with wax. Although this is quite a sensitive area, wax is perfect for it. Even Brazilian depilation is available!
  • Removes all types of hair.

*not suitable only for particularly sensitive, scaly skin.

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