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The success of make-up is the selection of tonal covering products that match your skin type. We will help you choose a shade that will harmoniously match your complexion and emphasize your natural beauty. We will highlight or darken the eyes, correctly and elegantly color the lips, matching a color that reflects only you and only your mood.

We only use professional and impeccable quality cosmetic products. Therefore, the moto is – it “will not run, will not fall apart, will not stain”. Your skin will not be affected by allergic reactions, and you will look amazing. We work with such famous brands as: “Tromborg”, “Nyx”, “Make Up For Ever”.

Daily make-up

Light and delicate are the words that best describe this variant. After ordering this make-up, you will leave with lightly made-up skin, neutral shades and gently accentuated eyes and lips. When ordering daytime make-up, you shouldn’t expect complex and colorful eye shadow application techniques or bright red lips. This is often the fastest look to do and also the cheapest option on the list. Suitable for going to an important meeting, business lunch or other formal but daytime event. The most important goal of daytime makeup is to provide purity and freshness, to make the eyes look lively without burdening the skin.

Evening or occasion make-up

After ordering this make-up service and consulting with a make-up artist, you will leave the studio with a more distinct look. When performing this make-up, the eyes or lips are usually emphasized, and the face is modeled more brightly, so that it can be seen well in dimmed lighting. Occasional make-up does not have to be very bright, the make-up artist will always take into account your needs, but it is done and fixed in such a way that it can withstand a longer period of time. When performing an occasional make-up, the colors of eye shadows or lipstick are combined not only with the client’s skin and eye color, but also with the future outfit. This kind of make-up requires more attention and is longer to perform. This makeup is perfect for going as a guest to a wedding, birthday, prom, or other longer celebration to look flawless both in person and in photos.

Bridal makeup of the bride

There are no more questions about the occasion of this make-up order. It is a type of makeup that requires special care and attention and often lasts longer. After all, it is so important that the bride feels great on this important day. First of all, the expectations of the bride are always clarified before anything is done, details of the established beforehand. Wedding makeup can be both very delicate and light, or more distinct and bright. Here everything depends on the wishes of the young woman. Before the wedding make-up, a trial is offered, during which the make-up artist also chats with the client and discusses various nuances. After the trial make-up, the make-up artist will already have a list of tools and shades ready to use on the morning of the day of the main event, so the work can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

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