Eyebrow Correction Copenhagen

Eyebrow Correction

Beautiful eyebrows are essential if you want to look great! An eyebrow correction is a procedure is basically that special attention to eyebrows, that beautification ritual, that any modern woman needs.

Why is eyebrow correction could be for you:

  • Irregular or uneven eyebrows
  • Eyebrows grow in a wrong direction
  • Natural color of the eyebrows are too light
  • Eyebrows fall out or curl
  • Color fades too quickly after coloring
  • Eyebrows take too much of your daily makeup routine

Eyebrow correction and lamination will help keep the desired shape. Eyebrows can be colored, or if if you want a longer lasting effect – lamination can be performed. Lamination can also help keep unruly hair safely kept the way you want it – saving your precious time every morning or before that spicy cocktail party.

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