We value our clients and strive to implement your most creative ideas into reality, as well as we have the neccesary expertise to enhance your natural looks and make you look gorgeous wherever you go for any occasion! Trust us to make you look special!

Our beauty salon was founded in 2012 in Lithuania, and since then we are trying to make our customers more happy and confident! 2023 we move to Denmark.

OUR PURPOSE – To strive only for the highest quality and the highest customer appreciation, because we want to be the best specialists in our field. Seek to broaden the understanding of success criteria and foster open work and business relationships with our partners, clients and everyone around us.

DJ Beautycare


My name is Dzuljeta Jindal.
I am a qualified beauty specialist, I studied the profession of beautician for 3 years. After graduation, I continued to improve myself by attending numerous seminars and trainings.

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